12S/S wjk new item comming!!





 M66 mod - M43 back satin

1016 ct45 63(khaki) ¥84,000(tax in)




HOOK G2 - 10.5oz zimbabwe denim

4443 dn58 56(used)  ¥44,100(tax in)



JERSEY HOOD-combed jersey

2051 mj20 93(top gray) 99(black) ¥each ¥16,800(tax in)



BANDY TIGHT-13.5oz selvage denim

5047 dn63 19(d,white) ¥49,350(tax in)





BANDY TIGHT - 13.5oz selvage denim

5047 dn62 94(black used) ¥39,900(tax in)



BANDY TIGHT CHINO - compact chino

5009 ct69 25(beige) ¥29,400(tax in)




TYPE M-47 mod - HBT

5008 hc08 63(khaki) ¥37,800(tax in)





to be continued,,



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